How Do You Save on Organic Food?

Read these six ways for saving money when you buy organic food--and then tell us how you save when you buy organic.

by Dani Yokhna

How do you save on organic food?

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How do you save on organic food?

According to The Daily Green you can try these six ways to help afford organic food. Read on and then let us know how you save on organics.

  1. Negotiate on price at the farmers market. Haggle a bit on the price with the farmer; maye he’ll sell you some less popular items for less, too.
  2. Choose less-perfect fruits and vegetables and ask for a lower price.
  3. Buy in bulk at the warehouse.
  4. Make a list (and a menu) and stick to it – before you go to the market only to be seduced by the wares.
  5. Consider shopping for organic items online; some even offer incentives, like free shipping.
  6. Look for and collect organic brand coupons.

~ excerpted from an article by The Daily Green Food Editor Karen Berner

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