How Robotics Can Help Manage Your Home Garden

Robots in your garden may not be for everyone, but they sure could help those of us crunched for time.

by Cari Jorgensen


Gardening can be very calming and therapeutic for some. For others it’s a means of providing food they’d rather not spend large amounts for at grocery stores. Some feel everything about gardening is wonderful and could spend hours enjoying it, while others feel it’s more of a chore (especially when things like weeding are involved).

Robotics such as FarmBot takes care of planting seeds and watering.

According to SingularityHUB, robotics has a number of other functions that could help with home gardens. The robot could be programmed with “various weeding strategies, including the ability to tackle each weed within hours after it sprouts.” Hyperspectral cameras might give gardeners a better understanding of their plants and unwanted insects could be spotted and dealt with immediately as could animals that might destroy the plants. Robots could till the soil as well as alert gardeners to things like upcoming frosts.

How a robot is programmed could greatly benefit the management of your home garden. What might other ways be robotics could assist you in gardening?

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