How to Clean a Saw

You can salvage an old saw by giving it a quick and easy clean-up.

by Dani Yokhna

When rummaging through your tool shed, deciding which tools you should keep or toss, don’t eliminate an item just because it looks old and rusty. Many tools can be salvaged by giving them extra attention. Use this easy two-step process to clean an old saw, extending its usable life.

Cleaning a Saw – Step 1 

Cleaning an old saw

Use your wire brush to remove rust, sap and other debris, brushing back and forth on both sides of the saw.




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Cleaning a Saw – Step 2

Cleaning an old saw

With steel wool and some 3-in-1 oil, scour the saw, staying away from the teeth. Rub the steel wool across the blade in outward strokes that are parallel to the teeth. Wipe off excess oil.




Restore your saw to this condition after every use, and you’ll find it’s always sharp and ready for the job at hand.

About the Author: Emery Hinkley is an artist who lives on a farm in Oregon with her three carriage horses, two labradors and two kittens.

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