How to Make a Towel Apron

If you need an apron in a fix, stitch together a towel apron in a matter of minutes.

by Kiringai EssieJune 17, 2011

Psst! I have the secret to making the fastest apron in the whole world. OK, the “whole world” part may be an exaggeration, but making an apron out of a towel is the fastest way I know to make one that’s simple and useful.

Because the materials are practical you can use towel aprons to do actual work: cooking, cleaning or crafting. The best part: If you wipe your dirty hands on it, well, it served its purpose.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to make a towel apron of your own.

Apron Step 1

Step 1
Assemble materials:

  • tea or dish towel, approximately 18 by 30 inches
  • 72 inches grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch wide
  • thread
  • pins
  • needle
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • fray retardant
  • potholder for pocket (optional)
Apron Step 2 Step 2
Center the grosgrain ribbon on the front of the long edge of the towel, and pin in place.
Apron Step 3 Step 3
Sew the ribbon in place on both long edges.
Apron Step 4 Step 4
Trim ribbon ends at an angle, and apply fray retardant to the ends.
Apron Step 5 Step 5 (optional)
If you want a pocket, pin the potholder 8 inches from the top and 6 inches from the center or in the location of your choosing. Topstitch using a heavy-duty needle down the two sides and across the bottom, backstitching at the beginning and end for added strength.
Apron Step 6 Voila!
Now, tie your apron around your waist, and get to work.

About the Author: Monette Satterfield is an artist and author with boundless curiousity. She lives and gardens in Central Florida.


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