How To Tell If An Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken

How do you know if you have a good-quality egg? It’s all in the color and texture of the yolk.

by Dani Yokhna

How to Tell if an Egg Yolk Came from a Healthy Chicken (
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I grew up in a large city, so the eggs we ate either came from the grocery store or a restaurant. We’d often visit family up north, where there was a lot more farm land. My aunt had horses, dogs, cats—you name it. She also had chickens. These chickens laid eggs and when I looked at them while my aunt made breakfast, I couldn’t help noticing the yolk was a little different in color than the ones purchased at the grocery store.

According to Aunty Acid, that color—along with texture and eggshell—indicates how healthy the chicken that laid it is. If you compare store-bought eggs with homegrown eggs, you’ll notice that the homegrown eggs are “darker orange, fuller and thicker [and the] eggshells are denser and harder to crack.” The Aunty Acid blog post adds that “orange yolks are an indication of a well-balanced, highly nutritious diet. This includes xanthophylls, omega-3 fatty acids and meats.”

Because stores often feed their chickens corn, the egg yolks are yellow, but likely do not offer the same nutritional value, the blog post suggests.

So go ahead and take the test: compare a store-bought egg with an egg from your own farm and let us know how it goes. Be sure to post a photo, too!


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