I Dream of Henny, Or, Having Poultry Dreams?

Are your nocturnal hours populated by feathered friends? Poultry dreams may have meaning beyond a fondness for chickens, according to some experts.

by Ana Hotaling
PHOTO: TheBeloved/Pixabay

These inconceivable times have affected our day-to-day lives in numerous ways. For untold Americans, the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected our nighttime existence, and not just by eliminating popular evening pastimes such as dining out and going to movies.

The anxiety and stress we are feeling may affect our sleep patterns and, for some of us, our dreams.

You might be experiencing particularly vivid dreams featuring poultry. (Because, really, who doesn’t dream of poultry?) Here are eight insights into what your nocturnal visions may actually mean.

Baby Chicks

According to Psychologist World’s Dreams Dictionary, dreaming of a clutch of baby chicks may symbolize that you have multiple worries in your daily life.

You may be concerned about your children, a project or even your finances. If the chicks are juveniles, your financial concerns will resolve shortly, but not without some physical effort on your part.

Here are 4 tips for transitioning chicks from a brooder to their coop.

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The symbolism of a coop—a place of fertility and egg production—in your poultry dreams can be interpreted in various ways, according to the Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary.

You may be concerned about what your children may be experiencing. If your dream coop is messy or dirty, your concern is that something may be affecting your child’s health. Or, if you are a female, you may fret about your own health.


Eggs are generally a symbol of hope in a dream, DreamMoods.com indicates. Something new is about to happen in your life.

Are your dream eggs scrambled? You may need to accept the consequences of something you have done in your everyday life.

Should your eggs be hatching, your hopes and goals will soon be attained. 

Egg Shells

Dreaming of cracked and broken egg shells?

According to DreamMoods.com, if your dreams feature egg shells—either in halves or shattered—you are feeling particularly fragile. Quite possibly, you also suffer from a vulnerable state of mind. 

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You may be far too serious or stressed if you find yourself dreaming about feathers, states the Cafe Au Sol Dream Dictionary. According to this dream resource, a feather indicates your need for lightness and for a brightening of mood.

Psychologist World’s Dreams Dictionary notes that should your dream depict you surrounded by falling feathers, you can prepare for your worries and burdens to lessen. However, if chicken feathers are the star of your dream, you may—or will—experience annoyances and aggravations. 


Have your nighttime slumbers featured images of hens happily clucking and scratching?

Psychologist World’s Dreams Dictionary notes that dreams of hens symbolize your anticipation and eagerness toward pleasant and longed-for family reunions. 


If you have seen hens’ nests in your nighttime visions, Psychologist World’s Dreams Dictionary suggests you may be longing for a regular domestic life. Or maybe you seek a return to what you view as normal.

If the nests you see in your dreams are empty, this signifies you may be agonizing over absent loved ones. 


Typically a symbol of vanity, pride and arrogance, a dream rooster may indicate that you or someone you know is behaving with little or no regard for the welfare of others.

DreamMoods.com notes that, should you hear a rooster crow in your dream, you may have been boastful about something you recently did. Should you dream about two or more roosters battling, you may be involved in a bitter argument or rivalry with somebody known to you. 

Perhaps these meanings shed light on your daytime thoughts. Or maybe your poultry dreams are just the product of a chicken-leaning mind.

Either way, try keeping a dream journal for a while to determine what’s really on your mind!

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