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“I Need a Bigger Garden … “

I placed my seed order with Renee’s Garden this morning. (I must be a plant nerd because I’m totally thrilled!)

by Jessica WalliserFebruary 11, 2010

garden gate
Photo by Jessica Walliser

I placed my seed order with Renee’s Garden this morning. (I must be a plant nerd because I’m totally thrilled!)  Though I usually get my veggie seeds from a different seed company, I love Renee’s for their flowers. 

Last year I grew their ‘Apricot Blush’ zinnia collection in my front garden and just adored them.  This year I’m trying another of their zinnia collections called ‘Berry Basket’—they’re all bright, but deep, berry colors. 

I also ordered ‘The Joker’ sunflowers and a bunch of climbers including some nasturtiums and sweet peas.  We have a high stone retaining wall along part of our driveway with a garden above it. 

I like to plant climbers across the top of the wall so they drape over the edge and soften the look of the stone.  Nasturtiums are my favorite, but I also like to plant alyssum there too. Can’t wait to try these new ones.

I haven’t ordered my veggie seeds yet as I have to sort through all the packs I already have in the basement.  I tend to over-order every year (in case you couldn’t tell that from previous posts) and have tons of ‘extras’ stored in a box in the downstairs fridge. 

I’ve been trying to empty the box for 5 years now, but instead it seems to be getting fuller every season, even though I share plenty of seeds with neighbors and friends.  Funny how that happens.  I think what I’m saying is that I need a bigger garden (…as if!). 

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Maybe adding a few extra raised beds is a good idea.  I wonder if my husband would go for that.  Maybe if I tell him it will mean less grass for him to mow … hummmmmm.   I’ll let you know how that conversation goes.    

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