IKEA Brings Hydroponics To The Mainstream With Indoor Gardening Kit

The kit, which consists of everything necessary to start a countertop garden, will be in stores in April.

If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, you know it consists of Scandinavian-inspired furniture designs that are packed up in a box, ready for you to take home and put together. It’s Swedish DIY taken all over the world. Now, rather than putting together that HEMNES desk, BILLY bookcase or BJURSTA dining set, you will soon be able to put together your own indoor garden.

That’s right. IKEA is releasing its very own KRYDDA/VÄXER indoor gardening kit in April.

Hydroponics, the art of growing plants using a nutrient-water solution rather than soil, is becoming more and more popular, allowing city-dwellers to get the most out of farming in the convenience of their own homes. And IKEA’s indoor gardening kit is making that convenience just as easy to obtain as that HEMNES desk, BILLY bookcase or BJURSTA dining set.


The KRYDDA/VÄXER indoor gardening kit comes with everything you need for your countertop garden (minus the water). It works by first planting the seeds in the absorbent water plugs, then giving them water and light. One the seeds sprout, replant them in a tray full of pumice stones. After that, give them light and water and watch them grow. Once the plants have matured, harvest them and start the process over with something new.

It may be a whole lot easier and more rewarding than that HEMNES desk, BILLY bookcase or BJURSTA dining set.

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