Infographic: How To Properly Plant A Tree

Trees are critical to our ecosystem and provide numerous benefits to growers. This infographic shows tips for successfully planting trees on your land.

by Zach Loeks
PHOTO: Courtesy of Zach Loeks

When you purchase a new property or decide to get back into gardening, one of the first things you should consider doing is to plant a tree.

No matter the size of the farm or yard, a tree always has its place. And the time to plant one is always today!

Trees provide numerous invaluable services to society, including:

  • Regulating our environment’s air, water and soil
  • Provisioning resources such as fruits, nuts and wood
  • Providing aesthetic and cultural benefits through colors, scents and sounds

On a farm, a tree can be a long-term investment in a future fruit or nut or timber harvest. But that does that mean you need to grab your shovel and plant an orchard or a plantation?

Not necessarily. In fact, I would advise against it.

First things first, plant one tree. Then plant a few more. If you find success with these trees, then you might be ready to plot an orchard or plantation, if you have the space.

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By taking small steps, though, you gain familiarity with tree planting and with specific varieties.

Whether you are a market gardener, a cash-crop farmer or simply a home gardener, planting that initial tree provides a singularly enjoyable entity—you get a tree and all the benefits that come with it.

But that tree can also serve as a window into future plantings on your farm. For small growers, it can provide a glimpse into a community’s ecological future.

Every tree tells a story—of its success and obstacles—and your initial planting can help you build the skills, knowledge and variety selection for highly successful future large acreage plantings.

But first? You need to know the right way to plant a tree. The following infographic outlines some basic tree-planting skills.

plant a tree infographic
courtesy of Zach Loeks

So what do you think? Are you ready to head out there and plant a tree?

Great! You, your land, your community and our planet will all benefit from that simple decision.

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