July 26, 2011

Instant Workbench
Photo by Jim Ruen
I used HANDy Bucket Builder lids to create an instant workbench.

When I saw the HANDy Bucket Builder lids at our favorite paint store, I was sold immediately. I bought two to try out and picked up six more the next time I was at the store. The Bucket Builder is a lid for a 5-gallon pail that gives you the option of stacking another pail on top or using it to hold one or two 2x4s.

Set out two pails with the lids on them, and you can create an instant knee-high workbench. Stack two sets of bucket and lid pairs and with 2x4s locked into the top lids and you have a narrow, but workable waist level workbench. I set up four pairs of buckets with lids and four 2x4s for a very stable work area. As you see in the picture, I added a few clamps and had a solid surface for my bench-top table saw.

The beauty of the lids is the way you can insert two 2x4s flat or one 2×4 on edge. The molded plastic has ready-made starting holes if you want to make the 2x4s semi permanent. Simply drill in a screw, and the 2×4 is locked in place. Even without screws, the molded plastic has pressure points that help hold the 2x4s tight.

Bercom, a small Minnesota company that has introduced a number of devices to make painting easier, makes the lids. Suggested retail price is under $10. I think mine ran around $8. Check with your favorite paint store or big-box retailer. If they carry other Bercom painting products, they should be able to order the Bucket Builders. I really like them and hope you get a chance to check them out.

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