Is Soil The Solution To Climate Change?

The Soil Story is an animated video from Kiss the Ground to raise awareness about the possibilities of soil.

by Dani Yokhna

Kiss the Ground, an advocacy for soil restoration, wants you to know the potential soil has on the world. Not only can soil lead to healthier food and cleaner water, it could also be the solution to climate change, Mind Body Green reports.

Through sequestering carbon, the balance of excess carbon in the atmosphere is restored and therefore helps mitigate climate changes, according to Mind Body Green. In late August 2015, voting will take place in California to determine “allocations of up to $160 million in greenhouse gas reduction funding for regenerative agriculture, composting, and other land management practices that help sequester carbon.”

Is Soil the Solution to Climate Change? (

Kiss the Ground believes healthy soil is the answer to California’s drought, the climate change and more. Watch the video for additional details. If you wish to support this cause, Kiss the Ground is asking that you share the video and sign the petition.


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