John Deere’s ExactShot Aims For Precise Planting

At CES 2023, John Deere revealed two new smart farm innovations, ExactShot and an electric excavator, farm tech innovations designed to make growing easier.

by Shelly Wutke

Even a small-scale farmer can use a helping hand now and then. And John Deere has been working hard to create smarter farms for every type of farm and every kind of farmer. The bar was set high after last year’s announcement of the self-driving tractor. CES 2023, however, saw the company reveal a few exciting devices that could change the way you grow on your farm.

John Deere Announces ExactShot

Crop success or failure is always due to a variety of factors, some outside of your control. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to tell you exactly where you should plant seeds for best results?

If you are gardening or farming on a large scale, John Deere ExactShot could be that helping hand. ExactShot is a precision planting implement designed for some models of John Deere 8 and 9 series tractors. When attached to your tractor, you can rely on it to guide you to the best seed placement possible.

ExactShot uses advanced GPS technology to map out your land in real-time and determine the best spot to plant seeds. Once it determines where the seeds will best grow, you will be guided as you work with your seed drill or planter to help you plant the seeds at the right depth and with the right spacing for best output.

By planting your seeds in the best location, at the right depth, and with the best population, you can automatically increase your chances for a better yield

With ExactShot guiding you, there is less risk of seed waste because the GPS system helps ensure you plant the seeds correctly the first time. ExactShot can also help reduce your overall fertilizer usage during the growing season, as precise seed placement reduces the risk of runoff or inefficient fertilizer spread. You can also use ExactShot to track your overall growth progress so you always have a good idea of how your crops are doing over time.

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Who is ExactShot for? While it’s designed for larger scale farms, it could also be used for hobby farmers with large vegetable gardens and fruit trees and other types of orchards.

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Bring Home an Electric Excavator

If you own a John Deere tractor with excavator attachment, you know how useful that extra arm is for digging trenches and clearing land. John Deere is taking excavators to the next level by designing their first electric excavator, which will be powered by a Kreisel battery and completely electric.

Details are limited, and there is no set date for release. But this new design will reduce noise pollution and emissions while still offering the power and features you love from John Deere excavators.

Farm Equipment for a More Sustainable World

While not every farmer or hobby farmer can take full advantage of John Deere’s smart technology yet, we can all benefit from these tech advancements. John Deere has stated that their ExactShot precision planting system has the potential to save over 93 million gallons of fertilizer in corn crops in the United States alone.

This system will also reduce runoff to minimize pollution of rivers, streams and other bodies of water. The electric excavator will run more quietly and provide a more comfortable driving experience. It will also emit fewer pollutants into the environment.

John Deere is well on the way to working toward its goal of more than 20 electric or hybrid-electric offered vehicles by 2026. It will be really exciting to see what’s next.

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