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February 4, 2011


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Use: The Labrador Retriever dog breed is used on the farm for hunting, tracking, retrieving, carting and as a watchdog.


History: The Labrador Retriever dog breed originates from Newfoundland where it helped fisherman by jumping into the icy water to retrieve nets. The breed is eager to play in the water and, to this day, never passes up the opportunity for a swim. It was taken to England in the 19th century where it was crossed with hunting breeds in order to hone its hunting instincts.


Conformation: The Labrador Retriever’s outercoat has short, straight, dense fur, and it has a soft undercoat that is resistant to weather. It comes in black, chocolate and yellow colors. It stands 21 to 24 inches in height at the shoulder and weights 50 to 80 pounds. It has a medium-length tail that is thick, round and tapers to a tip.


Special Considerations/Notes: The Labrador Retriever dog breed is easily trained but need constant socialization with humans. If left to roam the farm as they please and do not receive adequate mental and physical exercise, they could potentially become destructive. In addition to being a great hunting and watchdog, this breed makes an ideal family companion.

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