Lamb Has Identity Crisis, Thinks She’s a Dog

Medi sleeps with the dogs, cozies up on the couch the dogs and baas whenever the phone rings.

by Dani Yokhna

Medi the lamb has had a life a little different from other lambs. She was born out of season in September, which is where her name comes from. (“Medi” is Welsh for September). She got separated from her flock and wound up on a farm in Llanberis, Wales, where she has apparently suffered an identity crisis.

According to her owners, farmers Jo and Fiona Davies, Medi spent her first few weeks on the farm with the dogs and she’s started thinking she’s one of them, Daily Post reports.

“She keeps thinking she’s one of the dogs. In the evenings she jumps up on the sofa. She’s very noisy too—every time I answer the phone she starts off at the top of her voice,” Fiona told Daily Post.

Lamb Has Identity Crisis, Thinks She’s a Dog (
News TV/YouTube

Who knows if Medi will ever realize she’s a sheep, but in the meantime, she sure is cute to watch.

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Have you ever known a farm animal with an identity crisis?


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