Lease Solar Panels

Start catching rays and saving dough immediately without purchasing high-cost solar systems.

by Krissa Finch
Solar panels

Leasing solar panels is an option for energy-conscious homeowners who aren’t ready to commit to buying a solar-energy system.

If you want to go solar but aren’t ready to make a huge investment, solar companies are leasing solar panels to soften up-front costs to help you immediately capture savings from solar power. The catch? You might get hooked.

With the leasing program, companies generally pay for installation of the solar panels, and with the combination of your monthly lease fee and power bill, your bill will usually cost less than in non-solar days. Because leasing and rental companies take care of maintenance for you, there’s no upkeep burn to your pocketbook.

An added plus? Solar panels generate no carbon emissions and save water needed to produce energy.

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Depending on your lease agreement, you may pay a fixed monthly payment and have the option of buying the system after the lease ends. However, if you want to eventually own your own solar panels, buying upfront may be more cost-effective.

Get more information from these companies. Some offer free consultations.

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