Let’s Celebrate Chickens On National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month, but there's always a good reason to celebrate your flock. Here are some ways and days to treat your poultry special.

by Ana Hotaling
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Happy National Chicken Month, everyone! You still have a day to prepare for this annual celebration, but don’t delay. Come September 1, you’ve got a month of pampering your poultry ahead of you. You may not have to go as far as filing and polishing all your hens’ nails—although more power to you if you do. But a sprinkle of fresh herbs in the coop litter, a sprinkle of scratch grains in the run, and your flock will consider itself celebrated.

Of course, if National Chicken Month means weeks of trying new chicken recipes, there are plenty of options for you on AllRecipes, Epicurious and Food Network. However you honor your flock—in the yard or on the table—don’t let this September slip by without celebrating your birds.  

 “Let’s go, chicken!” Chef Jeff Mauro 

 Schedule too swamped to celebrate National Chicken Month? Not to worry. There’s an array of other red-letter poultry days to mark on your calendars. Here are four of them. 

National Snuggle a Chicken Day 

Celebrated every January 8, National Snuggle a Chicken Day  gives flock owners the green light to hug, cuddle and muzzle their feathered friends. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with antibiotic soap after handling your chick or chicken to prevent the possible spread of Salmonella.  

National Poultry Day 

Why be exclusive? On National Poultry Day, celebrated yearly on March 19, all domestic fowl get fêted. This may just be the perfect time of year to consider expanding your flock.

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Turkey poults and guinea keets are perfect for poultry owners with room for roaming, while quail chicks are ideal for urban and suburban keepers with limited space. Ducklings and goslings are adorable babies but, as waterfowl, have needs beyond those of land fowl. Whichever species sparks your interest, do a little research, check with local breeders, and just maybe celebrate National Poultry Day with a few new birds.  

National Egg Day 

The incredible, edible egg has a special date all of its own. Every June 3, all of America expresses its love for this breakfast favorite by dishing it up fried, scrambled, hard- and soft-boiled, in omelettes, in soufflés and so much more.

Elevate any egg recipe with your farm-fresh eggs. Their flavorful, golden-orange yolks add a richness and depth of flavor that storeboughts simply can’t match. What better way to celebrate National Egg Day? 

National Turkey Lovers Day 

Get ready for a double celebration! The third Sunday in June isn’t only Father’s Day. It’s also National Turkey Lovers Day! While it’s uncertain how Dad ended up teamed up with a turkey, both can definitely share the day.

Start an annual tradition of taking a photo of Dad posing with one of your turkey hens, toms or poults. Visit a petting zoo that keeps turkeys if you don’t keep them yourself.  Or show your turkey love the culinary way with a special Father’s Day turkey dinner.  



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