“Locavore”–Term Has Company

Besides "locavore" find out--and talk about--new food terms sprouting up everywhere.

by Dani Yokhna

By HF Staff

Growing your own food is one way to be a "hyperlocavore"
Building a raised bed garden and growing your own food is one way to be a “hyperlocavore.”

“Locavore” was the word of the year in 2007, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary’s annual selection.

Now, people are starting to come up with new terms to describe eating local, growing your own food and sharing the food you grow.

For example, “foodshed.”

According the foodroutes.org, “the term ‘foodshed’ is similar to the concept of a watershed: while watersheds outline the flow of water supplying a particular area, foodsheds outline the flow of food feeding a particular area. Your foodshed encompasses the farm, your table and everything in between.”

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And “hyperlocavore.” Well, that might be self-explanatory, but check out the hyperlocavore.com website.

Are you a hyperlocavore?

What about “yardsharing?” The folks over at hyperlocavore.com talk about yardsharing as a little bit like sharing resources and the things you’re good at with others–with the goal of eating local food.

They say, “Yardsharing is an arrangement between people to share skills and gardening resources in order to grow food as locally as possible! The group can be friends, family and/or neighbors.”

These terms are just a tiny part of our evolving food-supply discussions.

Let us know what you think about these terms–and what terms you’ve discovered.

(By the way, a locavore is a person who pays attention to where his or her food comes from and commits to eating local food as much as possible.)

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