Looking For Farmland You Can Afford? This Is Practically Free

This store in Nova Scotia is offering land to anyone who will come and work for them for at least five years.

by Rachael Dupree
PHOTO: The Farmer's Daughter Country Market/Facebook

If you’re looking for a piece of affordable farmland, hop in line. Living out the farm dream isn’t cheap, and it isn’t for the weary at heart, but if you’re willing to relocate and put in a hard day’s work, here’s a deal you can’t pass up.

The owners of The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, a general store based in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia, are offering 2 acres of land, as well as daily wages, to someone who is willing to move to the small rural town to work for them, WideOpenCountry.com reports. The owners, Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulomb—who are also sisters—have 197 acres to their name and want to see their shop and bakery, which is located in a rural Canadian town that is slowly decreasing in population, thrive, so they thought the incentive of land could help attract the employees they wanted.

owners of The Farmer's Daughter
The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market/Facebook

The cool part is that anyone who takes the deal will be much more than tenant farmers—or rather, tenant shopkeepers. The employees who sign on can live on the land for free for five years, and then at which point, their 2-acre parcel can be transferred to their name at the cost of ownership transfer.

While finding good employees is the main goal of this offer, the sisters also want to reclaim their hometown and foster a sense of community. With 3,500 applicants and three new hires, we think they’re off to a good start!

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