Looking Online for Local Turkey

Can you find a turkey -- or other local food -- for your holiday meal online? These online resources helped us locate a few turkey farmers.

by Dani Yokhna

Can you find a place to buy a local turkey online?

Heritage Turkeys
Vs. Butterball
Ever wondered if there was a distinguishable difference in a heritage turkey and the ones you see in the grocery? 

Earlier this year, food professionals, chefs, food writers and food connoisseurs gathered to participate in a blind taste test of eight heritage breeds and one commercial brand.

Each turkey was cut into bite-sized pieces and placed in covered dishes at numbered stations; scorecards and numbered toothpicks were provided. Taste-testers were then asked to vote for their favorite turkey.

To see which turkeys were most popular, check out the report on page 13 in the Nov./Dec. 2008 issue of Hobby Farms.

For a list of heritage-turkey producers in the United States, check out the list provided by Ayrshire Farm.

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Looking for a few good turkeys …

We wanted to see if a few of the online local food directories could help us locate a farm-raised turkey, preferably heritage turkey, for our holiday meals.

We searched for farms or farmers markets that offered turkeys for sale in the Central Kentucky area. Here’s what we found:

With all those results, we feel pretty good about our chances of serving a locally raised turkey for our holiday meal.


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