Love My Breed: Get To Know Large Black Pigs

We asked Hobby Farms readers to tell us what they love about Large Blacks, a docile and attentive breed of pig. Check out one keeper had to say!

by Hobby Farms HQ
PHOTO: photos Courtesy Triangle K Ranch

We asked, and you answered. Ohio farmer Felicia Krock wrote in to tell us all about keeping the Large Black breed of pigs!

There are fewer than 500 registered Large Black hogs
in the United States. We chose this breed for its docile personality. We continue to raise them for their parenting skills. 

We keep our animals in family units that consist of a boar and usually one to two sows. We want to allow the parental duties to be shared, and they are. 

The boar will stay with the piglets while the sow is out grazing, taking a break or just getting a sip of water. I can’t say enough about their attentiveness to their offspring. 

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There is a difference in raising the animals on pasture (as we do) and raising them in confined lots. Large Blacks can get lazy and choose not to move around and then they become obese. 

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We prefer to have our Large Blacks roaming our acreage working the fat throughout their muscles to produce a beautifully micro-marbled meat. 

Large Black Black pigs hogs

It also keeps them happy and healthy! 

—Felicia Krock, Triangle K Ranch, Kenton, Ohio 

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This article originally appeared in the March/April 2022 issue of Hobby Farms magazine.

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