Love My Breed: Tamworth Pigs Bring Home the Bacon

We asked Hobby Farms readers to tell us what they love about keeping Tamworth pigs, a personable bacon breed. Check out what they had to say!

by Hobby Farms HQ
PHOTO: HillaryGallino

We asked, and you answered. Here’s what keepers of Tamworth pigs wrote in to tell us about their love for the hog, a smart, striking and fun-loving bacon breed!

We love Tamworth pigs for their social personality and intelligence, not to mention all the bacon. The meat is outstanding! They also love belly rubs and are active and love to explore.

Shawna Fyffe, Sarah’s Pas­tured Pigs, Chillicothe, Ohio 

tamworth pigs
Shawna Fyffe

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What I love about Tamworth pigs is their intelligence and active nature, good mothering and terrific pork. Traditionally a bacon breed, they are long bodied and have a good distribution of lean with fat. And, of course, with their beautiful red hair, they look amazing grazing on a green pasture or contrast against snow. They are able to withstand four seasons of weather with a hardy constitution. 

Hillary Gallino, Powder Creek Ranch, Beaver, Oregon

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