Make A Cucumber Trellis Out Of Scrap Wood

Grow up not out with this DIY trellis.

by Jessica Walliser
PHOTO: Jessica Walliser

Growing veggies vertically is a great way to save space in the garden. This simple trellis can be made out of pieces of scrap wood in just a few minutes. We’re growing cucumbers on ours, but you could use the same trellis to grow pole beans, winter squash, watermelons and just about any other vining crop.

What You’ll Need

  • 4 6-foot pieces of 2×4 lumber
  • 2 4-foot pieces of 1×6 lumber
  • 2 3-foot pieces of 1×6 lumber
  • 2 10-inch pieces of 1×6 lumber
  • 1 4-foot piece of 1-inch PVC pipe
  • 1 4-by-8-foot piece of 14-gage welded-wire fencing
  • cordless drill
  • several dozen 1-inch wood screws for outdoor use
  • 2 2-inch wood screws for outdoor use
  • 2-inch drill bit
  • staple gun with staples
  • wire cutter

Step 1: Build The Frame’s Outer Edge

Begin by erecting the A-frame of the trellis. Lay two of the 2x4s on the ground so the top ends meet on their inner corners and the outermost edge of the bottom ends are 3 feet apart. Use 1-inch wood screws to attach the 3-foot piece of 1×6 along the bottom edge of the 2x4s. Then use 1-inch wood screws to attach the 10-inch piece of 1×6 to the place where the top ends of the 2x4s meet. Repeat with the other 2x4s and 1×6 to build the other side of the A-frame.

Step 2: Erect The Frame

Jessica Walliser


Once the two A-frame ends are built, have a helper hold one of them up as you attach one end of the 4-foot piece of 1×6 to the bottom using two or three 1-inch wood screws. Then drill the other 4-foot piece of 1×6 onto the base of the opposite leg. Once completed, attach the other A-frame to the other end of the 1×6 base using 1-inch wood screws.

Step 3: Attach Top PVC Pipe

Jessica Walliser


Lay the 4-foot piece of PVC pipe across the top, between the two A-frame sides. It should rest in the V between the tops of the 2×4 legs. Use a 2-inch screw to attach the ends of the pipe to the top of the A-frame on each side, pre-drilling the holes to prevent the plastic from splitting.

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Step 4: Attach Fencing


Lay the welded wire fencing over the top of the frame, attaching it with staples along the 1×6 base and the 2×4 sides. Cut away any extra length with wire cutters.

Step 5: Plant

Jessica Walliser

Plant four cucumber, squash or melon plants along each side of the frame, or sow bean seeds every 1 inch along each side of the frame. Train the plants to grow up the welded-wire fencing.

As an added bonus, you can use the shady spot underneath the vine-covered frame to grow a summer crop of lettuce or kale!

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