Heidi Strawn
June 11, 2015

Sunflowers thrive in warm weather, following the sun in preferably long summers. Some of them can grow pretty tall. But the tallest goes to a sunflower plant in Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany. This one, grown by gardener Hans-Peter Schiffer, stands tall at 30 feet. The sunflower’s great height put Schiffer in the Guinness Book of World Records. For the fourth time. He first entered the record book in 2009 with a sunflower that was 26 feet, 4 inches tall. He beat his record in 2012 with a 27-foot-tall sunflower and again in 2013 with a sunflower that stood at 28 feet, 8 inches. With a fourth consecutive record now under his belt with his 30-foot sunflower, we wonder: will he go for a fifth? Or will you set out to beat his record?

What’s the tallest sunflower you’ve ever grown?


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