Market Your Craft Class Online

Take advantage of online sites to promote your farm craft class or workshop.

by Dani Yokhna
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Use sites like to market your farm craft class or workshop.

To promote your farm craft class or workshop, list your event on free event-listing websites. One to try is, a free worldwide marketplace for craft activities, such as pottery classes, knitting workshops, photography courses and cake-decorating lessons.
“What makes Ooh unique is that it is mostly used by individuals, small businesses and noncorporate companies,” says Claire Mylott, director of U.S. communications for Ooh. “This makes it the perfect place to list an in-house craft class or a one-time workshop.”

With more than 2,600 listings as of August 2010, became a quick hit.

“Ooh has taken off because it provides a place for people with unique interests to not just exchange ideas, but actually participate with other people that share their interests,” Mylott explains. “The unique part of Ooh is that you might be inspired to try something new because you saw a great listing.”

Site visitors browse for free, and once they decide on a craft activity, they can simply register and pay for the class right on Ooh.

Currently, the most popular classes are craft and cooking classes. To help your activity get noticed and be successful, Mylott says to be specific in your listing.

Rather than just calling it a pottery class, identify the skill level (beginning, intermediate or advanced), and describe exactly what you’ll do in the class and what knowledge the attendee can expect to take away from it.

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“Also, it’s great to mention whether it’s appropriate for kids and if supplies are included.
Lastly, photography is essential—we strongly encourage all our listers to add snapshots of the crafts, pictures of previous workshops or even testimonials from other attendees,” Mylott says.

Visit list your craft class or find activities in your area.

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