Martok Talks about Names

Sometimes people ask Uzzi and me how we got our names.

by Martok
Uzzi gets his name from the Bible
Sometimes people ask Uzzi and me how we got our names.
Mom gave them to us. There aren’t any Spots or Nannys at our farm, Mom likes really unusual names.
Some of us have Star Trek names. That was my mom’s favorite TV show.
She especially likes Klingon names for us noble-looking, Roman nosed Boer and Nubian goats; I’m General Martok’s namesake and K’ehleyr is named for a Klingon lady named K’ehleyr.
Salem a big, pushy Boer goat has a Bible name
Bible Names
Uzzi’s name comes from the Bible; that’s a good place to find unusual names. (Uzzi means “My valor, my courage, my strength.”)
Mom finds us Bible names in the online version of an old book called Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary.
Morgan the Goat is named after the character in a movie

Aiah the ox has a Bible name too.

So do the big, pushy Boer packgoats, Salem (which mean “complete or perfect peace”) and Shiloh (which is the name of a city which mean “peace; abundance”). (Though, Dad sometimes calls them Sodom and Gomorrah).
Movie Characters
Some of our names are from movies, like Morgan the Goat’s (an inkeeper from the “The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain”), and Meegosh and
Rumbler's name comes from a book character

Kiaya’s from a movie called “Willow.”

Book Characters
Or books! Like our black ram Rumbler and his half-sister, Wren, whose names are from People of the Masks.

And Fayre our Portuguese Water Dog is named for Fayre, the ghost child, in Sharyn McCrumb’s The Rosewood Casket.

Wren's name is shared by a book character

Baa-rely Baa-rable 

Most of sheep have names that start or end with –baa, like Baasha, Rebaa, Shebaa, Baarley, and Baamadeus.
She used to use ewe- names too (Ewelanda, Ewephemia, Ewedora, Ewenice, and Ewegenie).
Baamadeus' name is typical of the sheep that live with Martok

Mom likes to make people groan.

The Web Helps, Too
But the best place of all, she says, for finding names is a website called Names by Chinaroad.
There are millions of great names linked from that website. Try it, you’ll see!
Mom participates at a place called the Hobby Farms Forums where lots of folks discuss their animals’ names.
Check it out and join in! Then your animals can have cool names too.

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