Martok Welcomes His Son

Hi! I'm Ozark Jewels General Martok. I'm a big, strong Nubian buck.

by Martok

Martok's newborn son HutchHi! I’m Ozark Jewels General Martok. I’m a big, strong Nubian buck.

Well, my human mom and dad say I’m still a buckling but I don’t think so.

See, my mate, Latifah (her real name is Chalivah Pepper and she’s a Nubian too) has a baby and I’m the dad!

My boy’s name is Hutch. He was born on January 22 and what a day that was. My mom thought Latifah was going to have a whole bunch of babies because she was huge.

They felt sorry for Latifah because they thought she was in awful pain but she was yelling at me.

She kept shrieking, “I’m going to chew your ears off, Martok!” I’m staying away from Latifah for a while.

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Then it got real exciting. Hutch started coming out head first with his front legs folded back, so my mom put some stuff on her arm and pushed Hutch back and pulled his legs forward so he could slide out. And he did.

Mom and Dad did the usual stuff. Mom stripped the goo away from Hutch’s face, then they waited until Latifah got up and broke the umbilical cord.

Next mom trimmed the stump with sterilized scissors and they dipped his cord in seven percent iodine (ow!).

After that, they stuck Hutch in front of Latifah so she could lick him and they sat down to wait for more kids to come out. They waited and waited.

Finally Mom put more stuff on her arm and checked inside Latifah. No more babies, Latifah is just fat!

And then they discovered Hutch was awfully cold and weak and couldn’t nurse, so he had to go in their house instead of staying in our barn. Next Monday I’ll tell you all about it!

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