December 19, 2011

Note from Sue, Martok’s human mom: Martok agreed again this year to share his annual Christmas letter to his beautiful Nubian mother, Ozark Jewels Peppercorn.

Dear Mom,

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Sarah the lamb
Photo by Sue Weaver
Sarah was the first lamb born this year.

It’s been a busy year at our farm even though I didn’t sire any kids this year. My human mom says we’re up to our eyeballs in goats (humans say weird things), and we can’t have more babies for awhile. But guess what? That ugly Kerla climbed over his fence and got together with my mate, Bon Bon, so they’re having kids in March of next year. That’s not fair!

We did have lambs born on our farm this year, five of them in all. They’re Classic Cheviots with stick-up ears like horses, so they’re cute. The girl lambs visit Uzzi and me all the time. They’re silly and talk about lambie things.

The first two lambs were born in March. They are Wren’s girl lambs, Sarah and Grace. Mom says Sarah is the best lamb ever born on our farm. Then in a few days Izzy had her lamb, Black Aliss.

Next was Ursula’s turn. I told you about Ursula, Mom, remember? She’s a fat little ewe who thinks she’s a human, not a sheep. And she’s so tubby that Mom and Dad didn’t know if she was having a lamb or just obese. But finally Ursula had a lamb! Her lamb is Dixie Moon and I’ll send her picture. Doesn’t she look like a pixie sheep?

One more lamb was born after Dixie. I didn’t write about it in my blog, but Mom described it at the Inside Storey blog. It was scary! Mama Hope and her baby, Arthur, nearly died. But both survived and now Arthur is siring next year’s lambies!

It rained and rained and rained this past spring, and then it got very, very hot—sohot that the mama sheep, their lambs, and some of the old sheep and goats had fans blowing cool air on them through the heat of the day. Not me and Uzzi, though. We don’t need fans. We’re Nubians; we’re tough!

Now it’s cold and rainy again. It’s so mucky that our feet are getting soft and some of us are starting to limp. That’s no fun, so Uzzi and I spend lots of time in our comfy Port-a-Hut. Good thing we like each other a lot.

Mom, I wonder what the new year will bring, don’t you? But there’s no way to know in advance, so I’ll write again next year with an update. For now, Merry Christmas, Mom! Wish the other goats at Emily’s farm a joyous holiday from Uzzi and me and have a Happy New Year.

Your loving son,

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