Milk Carton Helps Welsh Farmer Find Love

U.S. woman sees Welsh dairy farmer's face on a milk carton; couple meet and decide to marry soon.

by Dani Yokhna

See the Couple
The Calon Wen dairy has posted a picture of the couple on its website.

A farmer from North Wales, Great Britain, who placed a “looking for love” advertisement on a milk carton, hopes to marry a woman from the United States who answered his plea.

Geraint Evans used milk cartons to find his loveThe lovelorn dairy farmer, Geraint Evans, 28, wanted to find romance. Evans hadn’t had a girlfriend for almost five years because his long days at work often ended at 11 p.m., leaving no time for meeting women, according to reports from several Welsh newspapers.

So, he and a number of male and female North Wales farmers persuaded a dairy company to put their photographs on cartons with an email address where women or men who liked what they saw could get in touch.

2,000 Calon Wen Cartons
Geraint had his photo on 2,000 milk cartons produced by the Calon Wen (Welsh for Pure Heart) dairy at Groes, near Denbigh, North Wales, earlier this year. He was surprised when the first woman to get in touch was from the United States.
Laura Allison, 21, an interior design student, was traveling in the United Kingdom when she saw Geraint’s face on a pint of milk she bought near his Wrexham home; she apparently liked what she saw.

“When I got to the milk racks, all I could see was this handsome guy’s face staring out at me. I think I fell in love a little right there and then.” she’s quoted saying.

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Wedding Bells?
Laura got in touch after they returned home—and since then the couple have exchanged hundreds of email messages, phone calls and letters and have visited each other.

Now the couple says they want to marry.

Geraint says, “I’ve met the girl of my dreams and I want us to marry as soon as she’s finished her course in America. We share the same sense of humor and we’re both adventurous. We must be or we’d never have met.”

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