July 19, 2010

Martok eating tree
Photos by Sue Weaver

The acorn moon is our favorite.

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Mom is confused. June is supposed to be the Green Beetle Moon and July is the Dragonfly Moon, but we have green beetles and dragonflies darting all over the place! It must be the wacky weather we’re having. Who knows?

Mom began naming moons a long time ago before us goats were born. She lived in Minnesota and worked with some nice Ojibwe people who told her something about the Ojibwe moons.

See, in the olden days, people didn’t keep calendars the way we do today. Instead, they marked time from full moon to full moon, and named that moon for something that was going on at that time.

These are some of the Ojibwe moons. Different names are used by people from different reservations, that’s why they aren’t all the same.

  • January – Great Spirit Moon, Start of Winter Moon, Big Moon
  • February – Sucker Fish Moon, Eagle Moon, When the Bear Cubs are Born Moon
  • March – Hard Crust on Snow Moon, Snowshoe Breaking Moon, Crow Moon, Goose Moon, Sugar Moon
  • April – Maple Sap Moon, Frog Moon, Loon Moon
  • May – Flower Moon, Budding Moon
  • June – Strawberry Moon, Egg Moon
  • July – Blueberry Moon, Raspberry Moon, Flying oon
  • August – Ricing Moon, Blackberry Moon
  • September – Leaves Changing Color Moon, Corn Moon, Moose Moon
  • October – Falling Leaves Moon
  • November – Freezing Moon, Whitefish Moon
  • December – Little Spirit Moon, Big Winter Moon

So, Mom decided to make up her own year of moons. She’s changed most of them some since she moved here in the Ozarks, only the Wolf Moon is still the same.

  • guineas running
    The bachelor guineas love the Dragonfly
    Moon … yum!

    January – Wolf Moon

  • February – Ice Moon
  • March – Frog Moon
  • April – Whippoorwill Moon
  • May – Lambs Born Moon
  • June – Green Beetle Moon
  • July – Dragonfly Moon
  • August – Biting Fly Moon
  • September – Acorn Moon
  • October – Ladybug Moon
  • November – Goose Moon
  • December – Solstice Moon

Why don’t you make up a moon list too? Start looking around at each full moon and for the first two weeks after to see what’s afoot on your farm. It’s fun and it makes you more aware of what’s going on around you.

Hint: Us goats’ favorite is the Acorn Moon; right now, all the oaks give us are yummy leaves!

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