My 4 New Year’s Herbal Resolutions

As you usher out last year’s bad decisions or regrets, turn your focus on to positive intentions to make 2015 a year to remember.

by Dawn Combs

My 4 New Year’s Herbal Resolutions - Photo by Annouk/Flickr (

Happy New Year! It’s time again for the year’s resolutions. This time of year is thick with tradition and superstition. There’s a lot of magic in the air.

Around the world, the start of a new calendar year has been a time to push out the old and invite in the new. Of course, the start of the calendar year was not always Jan. 1. In many cultures, the start of the year was as the earth was waking up in the spring—the start of the growing season. Now, it seems a bit odd to start the year in the middle of the winter, but good luck and wealth are welcomed nonetheless. Bad decisions and bad luck are ushered out.

What are your resolutions this year? I really like this practice, but see it more as a setting of intention. Each year my family sits quietly (a feat in itself with two kids) and talk through the things that we are grateful to have experienced in the old year. We also speak our intentions for what we would like to bring into our lives in the new year. These aren’t empty promises that are written down in secret. They’re shared so we keep one another accountable.

My new year’s resolutions usually cover finances, health and education. I thought I would share some of my herbal-themed resolutions this year. Perhaps they’ll inspire some of your own!

1. I will study one new plant found in my back yard or neighborhood each month.
This will include reading, trying it in culinary recipes, making teas and tinctures, and crafting with it if possible. By learning the plants in our own backyards we keep medicine local. This increases the effectiveness and lowers the need for pollution caused by shipping our medicine from farther away.

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2. I will make a plan for one new garden space.
We are changing one of our old barns into classroom space and the pasture into teaching gardens. This resolution is really more for my husband, as he does the landscape design around here, but I’ll have to voice my intention to tell him what plants need to be included.

3. I will make my seed and plant order by the middle of January.
Last year, we waited too long to place our seed orders and some of our picks were sold out. If you’re looking for some of the more popular vegetable or herb varieties, you’ll want to order early.

4. I will plant more flowers!
Over the years I’ve been too practical with our space. I’ve tried to limit what we planted to only useful and edible options. This year, we will plant things just for beauty so we’re sure to spend time doing nothing but sitting in a garden and drinking it all in.

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