Names For Baby Lambs: Check Out These 4 Fun Ideas!

There are many things to keep in mind during lambing season, but one especially fun thing is choosing names for the newborn baby lambs on the farm!

by Ana Hotaling
PHOTO: Catherine Stockinger/Pixabay

Lambing season is just around the corner and, while our minds might be focused on ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for our expectant ewes, our hearts are looking forward to the adorable balls of fluff that will be joining us soon.

Baby lambs charm us with their curiosity and escapades, swiftly filling our smartphones with snapshots of their adorable antics. But constantly calling your little ones “baby” and “lambie” can get tiring, not to mention confusing!

End the bamboozlement by giving each of your newborn lambs names of their own, perhaps from the following selections.

Sounding Off

Sheep have one of the most recognizable vocalizations in the animal kingdom. Reflect that distinctive sound in your lamb’s name:

  • Baaabette
  • Baaabs
  • Baaarbara (or Barbaaara)
  • Baaarbie


  • Baaaldwin
  • Baaarclay
  • Baaarney
  • Baaart

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Growing Up

Lambs don’t stay little forever. Consider names that encapsulate the adult animals your baby lambs will one day be, such as:

  • Ewedora
  • Ewegenia
  • Ewenice
  • Ewerydice


  • Rambo
  • Ramon
  • Ramsay
  • Ramses

Starring Role

Lambs and sheep feature prominently in literature, programming and even comic books. Give your little one a touch of star power by naming them after some of their famous fellows:

  • Gentle Heart (from “Care Bears”)
  • Lamb Chop (from Shari Lewis)
  • Lily (from “Minnie ‘n Me”)
  • Merry (from “Stray Sheep”)


  • Bo (from “US Acres”)
  • Lanolin (from “US Acres”)
  • Shaun the Sheep (from “Wallace and Grommet”)
  • Woolly (from “When Sheep Can’t Sleep”)

Gaming Time

Sheep in video games? You better believe it! If you enjoy gaming, consider choosing names for your little lambs from this list of electric sheep:

  • Ampharos (from “Pokemon”)
  • Flaaffy (from “Pokemon”)
  • Lammy (from “UmJammer Lammy”)
  • Mareep (from “Pokemon”)
  • Pajiramon (from “Digimon”)
  • Rammy (from “UmJammer Lammy”)
  • Sheepmon (from “Digimon”)


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