Napping Piglets’ Sleep Interrupted By Amy Winehouse Song

Let these piglets get their beauty sleep!

How would you feel if you were curled up on the couch in a nice cozy blanket, slipping into a nice mid-afternoon nap? If you’re a farmer, it probably doesn’t happen too much, but we know you wouldn’t want that daytime snooze fest to be interrupted. Well, these piglets feel exactly the same way.

As a pile of piglets try to rest up, an obnoxious onlooker shouts out noises and words and even bursts out into an Amy Winehouse song, sending their ears aflutter. My guess is that they’re not amused.

Did you know you can learn a lot about pigs by just watching them sleep? It’s true! Here are some fun facts about pig sleep:

  • Pigs like to sleep on their side with their legs stretched out. If their legs are curled underneath them, it means they’re cold and could indicate that they’re getting sick.
  • Pigs like to be warm when they sleep. A temperature between 55 and 70 degrees F is ideal for sleeping piglets and will help them grow stronger. Load up a bed of straw in their pen for them to cozy up in.
  • Pigs are snugglers. You’ll often find them lying nose-to-nose.
  • Pigs want to sleep somewhere clean. The term “pigsty” as a synonym for a room that’s a mess is a bit of a misnomer. Pigs are actually clean animals and prefer to live in a clean area. They usually designate one area where they relieve themselves, and spend the rest of their day in the comfort of cleanliness.

If you’re ever tempted to interrupt a baby pig’s sleep because you think it’s “cute,” maybe you’ll think twice.

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