Heidi Strawn
November 9, 2010


Courtesy The Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc.

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The Green Economy Index updates investors about companies engaged in sustainability sectors.

The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., the world’s largest stock exchange company, now offers a comprehensive family of indexes designed to track the green economy. Leading the launch in September was the all-inclusive NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index (Nasdaq:QGREEN), designed to serve investors who wish to benchmark an investment portfolio based on the segment of the economy that supports clean, renewable and sustainable economic development. NASDAQ OMX plans expand the Green Economy Index family with additional indexes.

Combining the economic factors that power renewable and clean growth, the Green Economy Index covers the green economic landscape with constituents selected across all industry sectors participating in the green solution. The Green Economy Index acts as a benchmark for the performance of stocks in the following sectors: advanced materials, biofuels, energy efficiency, financial, green building, healthy living, natural resources, pollution mitigation, recycling, renewable energy generation, transportation and water.

“The NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index provides a global investment benchmark for institutional and retail investors,” said John Jacobs, executive vice president of the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Group. “Amid the transition from a fossil-based economy to the sustainable nature of the green economy, NASDAQ OMX continues to play a leading role in benchmarking the companies and sectors that are engaged in developing environmentally enhancing goods and services.”

The Green Economy Index comprises more than 350 securities from 13 distinct sectors from more than 460 companies. Following the initial launch, indexes tracking each sector and region of the Green Economy Index were released. Companies for the entire Green Economy Index family are selected by Rona Fried, PhD of SustainableBusiness.com, LLC.

“Through the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index, investors will be able to get exposure to all the companies worldwide that stand to benefit from a societal transition toward a green economy. The Index covers the broadest array of companies from natural resources to healthy living, from energy efficiency to renewable energy, from green building to efficient transportation, and from green IT to advanced materials,” says Fried, whose company jointly developed the Green Economy Index family with NASDAQ OMX.

Four versions of the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index began calculating on Sept. 22, 2010, at a base value of $1,000. The versions are a Price Return (Nasdaq:QGREEN), Total Return (Nasdaq:QGREENX), a Capped Price Return (Nasdaq:QGREENCP4), and a Capped Total Return (Nasdaq:QGREENCP4X).

Visit the NASDAQ OMX website for more information about the Green Economy Index family and the Green Economy Sector indexes.


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