Need A Job? You Can Be A Goat Cuddler

This would look good on anyone’s résumé.

If you’re in the market for a new job you may have discovered that finding something that fits your passions is hard to come by. That is, unless one of your passions is goats. And if these farm animals are your passion, then a job where you get to spend most of your day cuddling them is probably the job for you.

Caromont Farm in Esmont, Va., is looking for someone like you. Officially, the job title is “Assistant Goat Herds(wo)man in Training,” but we all know that’s code for Professional Goat Cuddler. According to the job description, the chosen intern will spend his or her day with 120 goats, helping out the farm manager with “breeding, birthing, milking, feeding, hay procurement, keeping the barn, milking parlor, and sheds clean and warm, tending to herd health, including worming and hoof-trimming and assisting with other building and maintenance projects as needed.”

And did you know professional goat cuddling comes with a few requirements? The person hired will have to be able to lift 50 pounds and speak Spanish—because he or she will have to be able to communicate with all the goats while holding them in his or her arms.

Seriously, though, the internship comes with on-site farm housing, access to fresh produce and a weekly stipend. Not bad for goat cuddling.

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