April 12, 2011

Wood glue
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The website This to That will help you figure out what kind of glue you need to adhere a material to wood.

Need a sticky solution? Try the website This to That. It offers sticky solutions to any problem.

Drop-down menus let you identify the two materials you want to glue together. Click on the button for “Let’s Glue!” and up pops the sticky solution. Select the right (or wrong) materials, and you even get some humor. Thinking it would be a difficult combination to adhere, I tested the site with “leather” and “ceramic.”

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The solution that popped up led off with “We won’t ask why you would want to glue ceramic and leather together—we just give gluing information.” Then they advised using Household Goop with thick leather and 3M 77 if gluing a light chamois or suede. Double click on Household Goop, and you get a full page of information, including toxicity, cost, time to adhere, where to find it and a link to the product’s official website. Additional notes went into detail on differences between Canadian and U.S. formulations.

Other pages on This to That include triva about adhesives, news, the philosophy of the website’s creators, and links to other glue websites that are both fun and technical. The FAQ is full of interesting information, links and a Glue of the Month. The latter, though out of date, could eat up weeks of your time. I mean, who can resist linking to Aleene’s Platinum Bond Patio and Garden Adhesive? I found it works on pottery, terra cotta, cement, ceramics, PVC and wood. The site creators highly recommended it for outdoor repairs … because it is highly toxic but it works.

Just one visit, and I’m literally glued to my seat. If I don’t get a blog done for next week, it may be because I’m still playing around on This to That.

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