Jessica Walliser
November 24, 2011

Jessica Walliser plants Moonglow Virginia Magnolia tree in backyard on sunny fall day
Courtesy Jessica Walliser
I planted my new little Magnolia with hopes it will solve our soggy-backyard problem.

I decided to make the most of what will likely be the last few beautiful fall days. I headed to a local nursery and bought yet another tree and planted it in the backyard.

My new tree is a Moonglow Virginia Magnolia. I selected it because the area where I planted it is very waterlogged. When they put in the new retaining wall this spring, they backed it with a French drain that was supposed to stop the area from being so wet, but it hasn’t done the trick as well as we would have liked. So the grassy area below the wall and adjacent to the patio is very wet for days after it rains. I planted a Stewartia there earlier this year, but it didn’t make it simply because it doesn’t like wet feet. The Magnolia, however, is supposed to handle soggy soil just fine. I hope it does because it’s a lovely little tree. I managed to plant it in about 15 minutes—talk about speed planting.

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As this post goes live, I will be sitting with my family at the dining room table enjoying our Thanksgiving feast. We will be hosting 11 people this year and I am very much looking forward to enjoying our turkey with all the trimmings and lots of enlightening conversation. As always, I feel very fortunate to be blessed with such an amazing family, a satisfying job, a humble but beautiful home, many wonderful friends, and an overabundant pantry. I wish everyone all the best for a joyous Thanksgiving. Give thanks for all that you have and hug the ones you love.

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