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Seed Savers Are Leading The Preservation Movement

Saving and sharing open-pollinated seed through the Seed Savers Exchange promotes gardening goodwill and much-needed biodiversity.

Ecosystem Gardening Yields Big Benefits

Converting unused or underutilized land to an edible ecosystem addresses food security issues, and it brings environmental advantages as well!

Past U.S. Presidents Were The Nation’s Founding Farmers

In this election year, the U.S. presidency is on a lot of folks' minds. But did you know that past presidents were also some of our nation's founding farmers?

What’s The Deal With Those Unsolicited Seed Packages?

Increasing numbers of Americans are receiving mislabeled, international mailers containing seed packages they didn't order. Here's what to know and how to respond if you receive one.

Hidden Pastures Goat Dairy’s Goat’s Milk Gelato Is A Winning Idea

With a dream of making and selling goat's milk gelato, Andrew and Blake Place of Hidden Pastures Goat Dairy won funding to make it real.

In Alaska, Climate Change Affects Local Growers

Climate change is affecting the way Alaska farmers grow food. There are benefits, but the change also highlights local concerns.

Rusty TewesJune 30, 2020
What Chefs And Grocers Wish Their Small Farmers Knew

Whether you already wholesale your farm products or you want to start, try these tips small farmers can leverage for a bigger bottom line.

Are You Ready To Try Gardening Your Front Yard?

In her newest book, Gardening Your Front Yard, garden author Tara Nolan rethinks the things we grow—and where we grow them.

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