Rachael Dupree
October 18, 2016

We’ve heard of guard dogs and guard donkeys. Guard llamas, guard guinea fowl and guard geese. But guard peacocks? That’s something new to us.

This peacock, name Percival (or Percy to his flock of charges), was invited by farmer Mark S. Burgunder to keep snakes in check on his farm, but he found that the presence of Percy lowered chicken predation, as well, according to an article on Mashable.

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Guard peacocks are indeed a thing.

“They’ll let you know whether anyone’s on your property with a series of loud, distance-carrying calls,” according to mom.me.

Lovely plumage

A photo posted by Mark S Burgunder (@marksburgunder) on

And now that we think about it, our past interactions with peacocks have been quite intimidating.


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