Now You Can Grow A Garden On Your Windowsill Without The Mess

Droponic has created a simple hydroponic system. All you need to do is add sunlight.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: Droponic/Facebook

Urban areas don’t always offer much space for gardening. More and more companies are seeking to remedy that situation by providing gardening products that fit nicely inside your home or apartment. Droponic is the latest of these, creating a garden system for your kitchen that fits directly in your windowsill or any other spot you want it to be in, as long as it has lots of access to the sun – the plants are reliant upon the energy of the sun.

Gardeners using the Droponic system can grow herbs right in their own homes, using a smartphone app to track the progress of the plants. According to psfk, “The system uses hydroponic technology, a method of growing plants in water without soil—for aspiring indoor gardeners, that means no trail of dirt on the kitchen floor to clean up and guarantees pesticide-free herbs. Instead of being planted in soil, Droponic plant roots are suspended in water with nutrients, and the accompanying app sends gardeners reminders to add water and nutrients to the planters as needed. The system is low-maintenance—most herbs will only need a fresh supply every two weeks.” The app lets users determine if the plant is getting enough light by conducting light tests.

Now You Can Grow a Garden on Your Windowsill (

The Droponic system is available at three price options (and four different colors). All options come with organic seeds, nutrients and your choice of 10 different plants. One plant costs $5.50. If you’d like three plants per month, it’ll cost $15 a month. For $150 per year, you’ll get 36 plants per year. Choose from plants such as kale, oregano, parsley, basil, watercress, mustard, mint, arugula and more.

To learn more about or to preorder the Droponic gardening system, visit the company’s website.

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