Cari Jorgensen
November 12, 2015

Now Your Dog Can Enjoy Farm-to-Table Food Too (

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If you go in the pet food aisle of any store, you’re likely to see a large variety of products—probably more than you would have thought. There are plain, regular dry foods that don’t make too big a dent in your wallet. There are canned wet foods, some of which look fancier than others. Then there are the really fancy ones—the ones that can be called “gourmet pet food.”

Bloomberg Business reports that on a visit to the Freshpet Inc. factory, the chief executive officer, Richard Thompson, “is obsessed about the quality of his products, so he uses only fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and limits the time meals sit on shelves to make sure they’re eaten while still exploding with flavor. [While his] manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, picks up a slice and pops it into his mouth to prove just how delectable it can be, [saying] “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.”

More and more, companies like Freshpet are introducing dog food that is often described as organic, grain-free and farm-fresh. So what’s the next step in that vein? Farm-to-table dog food, of course.

Mars Petcare is now offering just that with its Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, according to Bloomberg Business. The dog food is made with blueberries and cranberries that are “harvested at just the right time and freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients.”

Nowadays, people are treating their dogs more like members of the family than like pets, which stands to reason why there’s now a farm-to-table dog food. The question is, would you purchase it?


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