Odds & Eggs: We Found An Egg-Collecting Apron For All Seasons

A crochet enthusiast made an egg-collecting apron for a friend. Now she shares the patterns for adults and kids on her website.

by Roger Sipe
PHOTO: Ashlea Konecny

We love unexpected egg-ceptional ideas, so when we came across blogger Ashlea Konecny’s egg-collecting apron on her website called Heart Hook Home, we had a good cackle.

While Konecny doesn’t have chickens yet herself, she enjoys creating new crochet patterns for others.

“My friend, Cassy (pictured below), has 30 chickens and harvests dozens of eggs each day,” she says. “Her old method of gathering eggs was cumbersome so I created a new apron design for her. She loves it.”

egg collecting apron
Ashlea Konecny

The online response was so great that Konecny followed up the original with a child-size pattern.

egg collecting apron
Ashlea Konecny

Check out Konecny’s free crochet patterns for her egg-cellent egg-collecting
aprons online.

egg collecting apron
Ashlea Konecny

This story originally appeared in the July/August 2017 issue of Chickens.

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