Jessica Walliser
April 8, 2011

Moving patio pavers
Photo by Jessica Walliser
The pavers from our old patio are going to two different friends, who are creating patios of their own.

Spring is coming on quickly here, though the backyard is still a muddy mess.

Work has begun on our new patio. Well, actually, the work has begun on removing the old patio. It is made from about a million brick pavers, each of which weighs about 5 pounds. I was having a hard time feeling good about sending all those pavers to the landfill in order to have the new patio put in, so I asked our contractor if he wanted them to use on another job. He declined so I just started asking around. 

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Turns out, there’s a small market for used pavers! Who knew? So a friend, her father and I spent five hours yesterday lifting the pavers, stacking them in the tractor cart and loading them into her truck. They are going to use them to make a new patio of their own. It was a lllloooonnnnggg day of heavy lifting, and today, I am feeling more sore than I have in a very long time. The worst part is that after all that hauling and four pickup-truck loads, we only managed to remove about a third of the patio!

Another friend is coming with her posse on Saturday, hopefully to haul the rest away. She’s going to put in a patio where her pool used to be. I feel better about them not taking up space at the landfill, and it’s going to save us a couple of hundred bucks in demolition costs. We have a long way to go on the project, but just having it underway feels great!  Here’s to new beginnings!

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