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Celebrating America's Gardening Traditions with Organic Farm & Garden

by Wendy Bedwell Wilson
Organic Farm and Garden

An Organic Overview
These days, more of us almost seem obsessed with knowing exactly what we put into our bodies, and that contributes to the appeal of organic farming. Instead of overspraying plants with pesticides and adding synthetic fertilizers to the soil, organic gardeners use natural products to encourage growth and thwart pests and diseases. The results speak for themselves: delicious, nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs to eat and enjoy.

Then there’s the fact that organic gardening is a lot of fun! It offers a great way to stay in touch with the seasons, enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. When we select the vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers best suited to our climates and soil types, we help our gardens reach their greatest productivity.

Whether you have an experienced green thumb or need a few tips, the second edition of Organic Farm & Garden™, part of the Popular Gardening Series™, can help you reap the benefits of your plot of land.

What You’ll Find
The Basics: One of the most important elements in a successful organic system is diversity. Learn about some of the most popular and easy-to-grow classic crops, including cabbage, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, corn, rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries and apples. Each profile includes expert-provided tips and techniques as well as growing instructions.

Soil Solutions: Healthy, productive soil naturally leads to an increase in plant vigor, pest tolerance, production outputs and animal health. Every organic farm begins with proper soil management, and we can help you achieve just that with recommendations for soil amendments, composting instructions and more.

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Pest Control: Even the healthiest of organic gardens might be struck by pests and weeds. Find out how to rid your farm of these unwanted visitors the organic way.

Recipes: Once it’s been harvested, what’s a gardener to do with all that organic produce? Enjoy it, of course! That’s why you’ll find more than 50 recipes for salads, entrees, side dishes, desserts and beverages. These healthy, delicious recipes will help you savor the results of all your efforts.

Organic Farm & Garden™ will help you plant, grow, sustain and cook your very own harvest. Get out there and discover what organic gardening can do for your health and happiness.

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Go Green!
Make your farm or garden organic by following these simple tips.
By Linda Tagliaferro

Classic Crops
Use our expert advice to grow your favorite fruits and veggies.
By Andy Tomolonis

Sum Up the Soil
Set your garden’s foundation with these tips and techniques.
By Jessica Walliser

Designing Do’s
Our expert advice will help you plant your ideal organic garden.
By Deb Buehler

Compost, Naturally
Put bacteria to work in your garden.
By Jessica Walliser

Weed it Out
Rid your garden of invasive plants the organic way.
By Susan Brackney

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Visitors
Rid your garden of pests with these organic methods.
By Jessica Walliser

Basic Herbs
Learn about some of the most commonly grown herbs.
By Susan Brackney

Beautiful Blossoms
Adorn your garden with six of the most commonly grown types of flowers.
By Lindsay Evans

Throughout the Four Seasons
Extend the growing season to go green year-round.
By Andy Tomolonis

Canning Basics

Small Space, Big Yield
Learn how to grow bushels of organic fruits and veggies in space-saving container gardens.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Recipes for berry medley; spicy potato salad; tomato, cucumber and feta salad; carrot ginger salad; and harvest salad
By Rhoda Peacher

Recipes for tomato pie, winter squash bisque, chicken-veggie kabobs, bibimbap, and summer cornucopia pasta
By Lisa Kivirist

Side Dishes
Recipes for cheesy zucchini potato pie, carrots and edamame with ginger-lime dressing, hot and spicy potato wedges, sugar snap peas with honey-teriyaki glaze, eggplant and red pepper medley, baked tomatoes and radicchio, and navy bean salad with lemon-garlic dressing
By Fiona Green

Recipes for maple-pecan apple crisp, black cherry ice cream, summer berry tarts, crepes with honey-baked figs and cream, and strawberry-rhubarb pie
By Lindsay Evans

Recipes for rhubarb ginger cordial, honeyed fig smoothie, cherry-watermelon vanilla froster, blueberry-basil mojito, and carrot-apple juice
By Jennifer MacKenzie


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