Organic Food Industry and Agri-business

Are they truly organic? New charts show the connections between giant agri-businesses and organic foods.

Some organic industry observers believe that the USDA has become too well-acquainted with giant agri-businesses, such as Dean Foods. Many large companies have acquired smaller companies and organic labels in an effort to get a hand in the booming organic industry.

The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, has posted on its website the latest Who Owns Organics graphic. The graphic illustrates all the major organic name-brands and which corporations own and control them.

Phil Howard of Michigan State University, created the chart. Howard also prepared separate charts, one highlighting the major independent companies still operating in our industry and another connecting the dots as to who owns the private-labels in the marketplace.

View the new charts and read more at Read an article about organic standards.

— HF editors

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