Parody Children’s Toy Reveals What Factory Farming Is Really Like

Do your children want to learn all about farms? This play set will teach them everything they need to know.

by Dani Yokhna

Did you have a farm toy as a child? Do your children have them now? Most often farm sets consist of spacious barns and animals with smiles on their faces. Sometimes these animals even make the same sounds as real animals. Lego even has a farm set so kids can build their own. The biggest difference in these sets from farms in real life is the imagination children put in to them. And we guarantee no child imagines their farm is a factory farm where animals are treated poorly and are given unhealthy amounts of antibiotics.

In an anti-factory farming campaign, Compassion in World Farming created parody children’s farm toys (called The Honest Farm Toy) depicting what factory farming is really like. A visit to the website shows (via games) animals packed into the barns tightly, animals given antibiotics, turning the animals into food and then selling the food at markets.

Parody Children’s Toy Reveals What Factory Farming is Really Like (
Photo via Compassion in World Farming/YouTube

To learn more about this campaign or to show your support, visit the Campaign in World Farming website.


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