Profession of Hope

Farming is a profession of hope. ~Brian Brett

by Dani Yokhna

Farming is a profession of hope. ~Brian Brett (

Spring is upon us, and though for some of us it’s still a little too cold to get outside and work the soil, we have hope that our period of hibernation will soon come to an end. The act of holding close to a dream or ambition is nothing new for farmers. As we plant seeds, we hope that they will become seedlings and then mature plants that we can savor and nourish our bodies with. When droughts come upon us, we hope that rain is on its way—and when we’ve had our fill of rain, that the sun will soon peek out from behind a storm cloud. Yes, without hope, a farmer would continuously be running into brick walls, but thanks to this gem, we muster up the motivation to face another day doing our important work.

What are you hoping for this season? Share a comment below, then share this quote with others.

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