Video: Building A Platform For A Carry All Frame

I picked up a carry all frame some years back, and now's the time to build a platform and put it to use. In this video, I show you how I did this project.

Video: Build A Simple DIY Bee Stand For Your Hives

I'm getting ready for my first year as a beekeeper. My hives are ready, but I'm building this simple, table-style bee stand to keep the boxes off the wet ground.

Video: Building A New Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 3)

With the site chosen and base blocks installed, it's time to frame out the foundation and install floor joists for my new farm garden shed.

Video: Make An Obelisk Trellis From Tree Limbs & Sticks

This DIY obelisk trellis is simple to construct and perfect for supporting top-heavy sunflowers, zucchini, morning glories and more.

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