Video: How To Make Your Own Hummingbird Food

I enjoy our local hummingbirds, but they didn't like the commercial food I provided. So I found this easy hummingbird food recipe local birds love!

Add A Farmhouse Porch Swing For Seasonal Fun

The farmhouse porch swing is iconic for a reason—it's great place to settle in for family fun and easy conversation when the weather's right!

Video: Sew A Feed-Bag Shopping Tote

From chicken feed to bird seed, the empty plastic bags add up—but they don't have to end up in the landfill. Here's how to make your own feed-bag tote.

From Field to Tree: How To Make A Gourd Birdhouse

You can attract purple martins, swallows and more with simple, homegrown birdhouses. Here's how to craft your own gourd birdhouse.

Restoring A Salvaged Farmhouse Sink (Video)

If you have an opportunity to salvage an old farmhouse sink, you can follow these four simple steps to spruce it up and keep it from a landfill.

Recipe: Make Savory Homemade Crackers From Scratch

This recipe for homemade crackers makes crunchy, cheesy snacks that go great with soups and salads. (It's pretty easy to make, too!)

How To Darn Socks, Sweaters & More To Extend Your Clothing’s Life

Repairing threadbare—or downright holey—clothing items can help save money and the planet. Here's how to darn socks (and other clothes) for extended wear.

Make A DIY Artificial Tree For Pond Fish Habitat (Video)

Create fish habitat with a few inexpensive supplies! Just submerge this artificial tree in a farm pond to provide space for smaller fish to live and thrive.

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