Pullets in Pittsburgh

The ladies have finally arrived! We have 6 happy, young hens - and one happy little boy.

by Jessica Walliser

Jessica got some of her hens off of Craigslist, which can be used to acquire farm animals
Jessica Walliser

Hammy the chicken.

The ladies have finally arrived!  We have 6 happy, young hens – and one happy little boy. 

If you recall in a previous post, I was supposed to get our chickens from a farmer friend, but that fell through.  It was very frustrating. 

As a result, we had an empty coop for months just sitting there waiting to be filled.  For a brief moment, I considered getting a rabbit instead!  Then, on a whim one night, I googled ‘Pullets in Pittsburgh’ to see what I would get. 

I ended up on Craigslist (which I had never used before) looking at a listing for 10-week-old pullets being sold by a young woman a mere 45 minutes from where I live.  Of course, I emailed immediately and we had a chicken pick-up scheduled within the hour.  Two days later I had my ladies. 

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Two days after that, all the hens had names assigned to them by the resident 3-year-old.  Hammy and Cobby are Barred Rocks, Bock-Bock is a Rhode Island Red, Boo-Boo is a red sex link, and Flower and Buffalo are Welsummers.  The Rocks are a bit older and are laying already – gorgeous, plump brown eggs.  We couldn’t be more pleased.

And so now, every night, I do a quick scan of Craigslist’s Farm and Garden listings.  The neighbor across the street got himself two young turkeys from a listing there. 

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get that rabbit after all…

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