Jessica Walliser
May 28, 2009

Finding room for all the vegetables

Yellow squash (this is a photo of last year’s bumpy yellow version) is a staple in Jessica’s garden. This year, she’s planning to find room for pumpkins, too.

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The peppers, tomatoes, basil, beans and cukes are all settled into the garden at long last.

I’ve really been enjoying this year’s lettuce and radish crops and can’t wait for the broccoli and peas to arrive. 

I have not grown pumpkins in many years but decided to give them a try again this year so my son can have a hand in growing his own Jack o’ Lantern.  I have no idea how they will do, but I’m going to give it a try.

I only planted 3 pumpkin seeds since I know how quickly they can gobble up the entire garden. They’ll have to fight it out with the cucumbers for space and sun, but my guess is that, if the squash bugs don’t get ‘em, the pumpkins will win the battle. 

We shall see.

I had such trouble with squash bugs last year on the zucchini that I almost didn’t plant any this year. 

They do take up a lot of room and there always seems to be a plethora of them available at our farmer’s market. 

I mostly use them for casseroles and zucchini bread so I don’t use a ton, but I do like to have them around. I only planted four seeds which should be more than enough for my needs.

I may plant some scalloped ones in the next week or two just because they’re so good on the grill with some good olive oil and herbs from the garden.   

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