Quick Craft: Button Boot Tray

Keep your home clean by having your family drop their muddy and wet shoes off on this door-side tray.

by Stephanie Staton
Make this boot tray for inside your mudroom to keep dirty shoes and boots off your clean floors. Photo by Stephanie Staton (HobbyFarms.com)
Photo by Stephanie Staton

When it comes to mud-room organization, things can get out of control pretty fast. But when your family knows exactly where to put their bags, coats and boots, it makes the job a little bit easier. This homemade boot tray is one tool you can use to guide your family in putting everything in it its place, and making it couldn’t be simpler.

Upcycle an old baking sheet or boot tray or purchase one new. Paint the tray with material-specific, waterproof spray paint, following the manufacturer’s instructions. You might need to apply several coats of paint. Once dry adhere letters of choice (these can be initials or another short word) to the tray with strong-bonding waterproof glue. Then fill the tray with new or used buttons for a touch of decoration and to help with drainage.

Set the tray outside your main entrance or right inside the door in your mudroom. You can create one tray for everyone to use or make multiple trays, one for each member of the family!


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